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Our Mission

The mission of the Santa Rosa Salon is to provide a gathering space rooted in good food, intentional dialogue and human connection among residents of Sonoma County.

Our Format

We host regular events centered around issues, communities, ideas, causes and interests. We also host non-profit organizational meetings and fundraiser events.

Formats range from all-ages pizza nights to fancy cocktail parties, casual mixers to intimate spoken word/music performances, sit-down coursed dinners to happy hour meetings and late-night conversations.

All events require RSVP and acknowledgement of our Core Principles and house rules. Most events are open invitation, although some events are private and invite-only.

Our Space

The Santa Rosa Salon is a home residence-based indoor/outdoor venue, complete with open layout kitchen and gathering space that opens seamlessly to an outdoor patio. The back yard features a wrap-around fence line orchard, a grass lawn, as well as a gas grill and wood-fired pizza oven. Beer and a non-alcoholic beverage are available on tap.

The full space can accommodate between 20-50 people, depending on event format. All events are weather-permitting.


Our Core Principles

Santa Rosa Salon


Hospitality beyond Commodification

The Santa Rosa Salon is an intentional space that gets us outside the marketplace to the extent possible.

We do not host or support commercial events.


There are plenty of spaces that feature money, prices, and a transactional culture.



  • All food and drink are provided to guests free of charge.

  • If applicable, donations to hosts and/or guest performers are suggested and optional.

  • Fundraising events for non-profit organizations are the only exception to the above principle.


Dialogue and Discussion


The Santa Rosa Salon is a community space that encourages curiosity, reflection, discussion, debate, and discovery.


We value critical questions over simple answers.

Although event types and formats may vary, the hosts will always work to encourage or structure space for dialogue, discussion and critique.


In all cases, we want guests and participants to enjoy a time that meaningfully supports and challenges them.


Holistic Human Connection

We believe that gathering is important to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Beyond 'networking', the Santa Rosa Salon prioritizes our capacity and need for forging meaningful bonds with others. Such bonds may be reflected in episodic conversations, sparked collaborations or friendships, or moments that permit self-discovery and fresh ideas.

Aspects of society inhibit holistic connection. Here, we acknowledge, value, and celebrate human diversity in all its forms. We believe that social hierarchies alienate us from one another and from our own potential. Events, no matter their format, are intended to address, challenge, and work to break down barriers to connection, belonging and solidarity.

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