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Santa Rosa Parlor

Our Mission

The mission of the Santa Rosa Parlor is to forge connections between people through shared meals, facilitated conversations around a variety of issues, and simple acts of resource sharing.

Our Format

We host dinners on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, which include opportunities for getting to know each other followed by organized discussions around community issues, current events, and other topics of interest to the group. Each meal will be prepared by volunteers within the group, who will cook on-site using food from our shared pantry; each discussion session will be hosted and facilitated by other volunteers from the group.

Our Space

Parlor dinners take place in a spacious Santa Rosa home, which includes indoor and outdoor gathering and seating areas, an open layout kitchen, and a gas grill and brick pizza oven in the backyard.


Want to Join Us?


Please contact Zeke Baker ( for access to our event sign-up list!

Our Core Principles

Hospitality and Exchange beyond Commodification

The Santa Rosa Parlor is an intentional space that gets us outside the marketplace to the extent possible.

Participants are asked to donate $0 to $10 per adult per gathering and to consider volunteering with cooking/cleaning or contributing items to the Parlor's pantry


All events are suitable for all ages. If you have special needs or requests, please let us know ahead of time. Childcare, if present, is funded jointly by an optional donation requested during the event.

Dialogue and Discussion

The Santa Rosa Parlor is a community space that encourages curiosity, reflection, discussion, debate, and discovery.


We encourage all participants to bring a discussion topic or something that has been on their mind lately. This input from members will form the basis of a structured discussion devoted to several topics per gathering.


In all cases, we want participants to enjoy a time that meaningfully supports and sharpens them in relation to one another.

Holistic Human Connection

We believe that gathering is important to the well-being of individuals and communities. 


The Santa Rosa Parlor prioritizes our capacity and need for forging meaningful bonds with others. 

We therefore encourage members to attend regularly, volunteer, and actively present ideas for how to improve and enirch the Parlor.

parlor logo 4.png
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